Changes to the ‘qualifying employment’ assessment fee

14 January 2020

 Changes to the ‘qualifying employment’ assessment fee                                                          

From 17 February 2020 CILEx Regulation will increase its ‘Qualifying Employment’ assessment fee from £70 to £75. This is the fee that you pay CILEx Regulation to assess your work experience to ensure that it meets the 'qualifying employment' requirements to become a Fellow.

You can include as many roles as you wish in your application and CILEx Regulation will carry out a detailed assessment of the individual duties and responsibilities you carried out in each role.

We strongly recommend that you submit a QE application as early as possible. Once you have confirmation that you are in qualifying employment, you can focus on collating evidence for your work-based learning portfolio. 

If you don’t have your employment assessed at an early stage, you run the risk of not meeting the qualifying employment requirements and having your work-based learning portfolio returned to you.

You can read more about Qualifying Employment and Work-based Learning on our website. If you have any specific queries about when in your journey you can or should make your QE or WBL applications, please do get in touch via social media at #CILExHelp and they will be pleased to help you.