Facts & Figures

Facts, Figures, Statistics

Below are some bullet points about our qualification, membership and history. Or download our CILEx Infographic printable version (pdf 1mb).

About CILEx and its Members:

CILEx was first formed as the Solicitors Managing Clerks Association in 1892, becoming the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) in 1963, and then the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) in January 2012.

CILEx has around 20,000 members, who are either paralegals, legal professionals, or qualified Chartered Legal Executive Lawyers (of which there are around 7,500).

Over 250 Chartered Legal Executive Partners in Law Firms.

Over 100,000 people have chosen CILEx as their route to become a lawyer since 1989.

As well as being an awarding body for qualifications for trainee lawyers, CILEx also works in partnership with City&Guilds, the UK’s largest awarding body. In conjunction with City&Guilds, CILEx offers a range of legal studies and legal secretary qualifications which are available in over 80 centres in the UK and overseas.

All CILEx members are independently regulated.

Social Mobility and Diversity

On average, 74% of our members are women, and more than a third of our new student members are black or of a ethnic minority.

CILEx opens up access to a career as a lawyer to all. 81.5% of our members do not have parents who attended university, and only 2% of our members have a parent who is a lawyer.

41% had A levels on joining CILEx. 21% only had GCSEs or O levels.

75% attended a state school. Only 9% went to a fee-paying school. 17% of their households received income support or free school meals.

Generally people chose the CILEx route due to affordability. Our surveys have found that 48% of members say that they chose the CILEx route as they couldn’t afford either Uni or the GDL/LPC/BVC routes:

Investment in training engenders loyalty and retention. Our members are very loyal to their employers (who often sponsor their employee for membership subs and exam fees):

58% of current level 3 students receive assistance from employer for annual membership fees and 60% get their course tuition fees paid. In return, two thirds of our members remained with their employer during their CILEx studies and three quarters of our members remained with employer after their studies had completed.

Find out more about the profile of Chartered Legal Executives in the 2015 CILEx Omnibus Survey summary document.