Help us to promote CILEx

Help us promote CILEx

Become a case study

Being a CILEx case study does not take much time at all but it can be a great benefit to you, your employer and to us. All you need to do is complete our case study form and send it in to us with a photograph.

Click here to download the case study form.

Completed forms can be emailed to

Once received we keep your details on a secure file until such time as a journalist calls with a story we think you might be suitable for. Before we pass on your details, we contact you to make sure you are still happy to be a case study and then work out the most convenient way for the journalist to speak with you.

CILEx members are excellent. We know that, you know that, but the media often ask us why. You could help us show them.

Whatever your reason for joining CILEx or taking the vocational route into law, it doesn't matter. All our members have fantastic stories to tell. But perhaps you are one of our many members who has:

  • Decided university is not for them, regardless of exam grades you didn't want to attend university and decided vocational training was right for you.
  • Maybe you've decided to change your career, much to the shock and then delight of those close to you.
  • Perhaps you've raised a family and then decided to go back to work, with law being something you've always wanted to study.
  • Or you had a life changing experience that led you to realising law is something you really wanted to be a part of.

If you'd like to speak to us about being a case study first then please give us a call on +44(0)1234 845715/736 or email