How to become an accredited Training Provider

Training Providers Interested in Becoming an Accredited Training Provider

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a mark of quality. It is the formal recognition that an organisation has met a set of quality standards and maintains those standards in its work with CILEX learners.

Why do we do it?

At CILEX, we are committed to quality, and we want to have complete confidence that our delivery partners are too. Anyone using a CILEX logo or delivering a CILEX product should be operating at the highest level and providing learners with the best possible experience. Accreditation helps us to be sure that this is the case.

How do we do it?

We publish a set of standards which all organisations using the accreditation logo must meet. The organisation applying for accreditation sends evidence to demonstrate how it believes it meets each of the standards, which we evaluate. We do this through a desk-based review of the evidence and a training provider visit carried out by an independent Quality Panel.

Accreditation will only be granted if the Quality Panel is satisfied the standards have been met. All training providers that are granted accreditation are sent a formal accreditation report, which summarises the observations and findings of the Quality Panel.

We monitor accredited training providers closely, using a risk-based approach informed by quantitative and qualitative data.

CILEX has carried out a review of the accreditation and quality assurance function. The new accreditation framework sets out the standards CILEX expects training providers to meet in order to become formally accredited. 

In order to maintain their accredited status training providers must continue to meet the requirements of the standards and strive for continuous improvement.

The process for becoming an accredited training provider is as follows:

Stage 1

  • Contact CILEX Business Development Manager to discuss your training provider’s intention to become accredited. 
  • Review whether your training provider has the capacity and capability to meet the CILEX Accredited Training Provider Standards and can provide the required evidence.
  • Identify and collate all the evidence required to support the training provider’s application. 
  • Complete the CILEX Accredited Training Provider Application Form.
  • Submit the completed forms, supporting evidence and initial application fee* to the CILEX Accreditation Support Officer. If your preference is for the fee to be invoiced, it must be paid before your training provider’s application is processed.

*accreditation fees are not refundable in any circumstances 

Stage 2

CILEX carries out a desk-based review of the application and supporting evidence. Feedback will be provided throughout this stage of the process, and you will be expected to address any issues and/or concerns raised by CILEX. When the CILEX internal team are satisfied with the evidence provided, they will make arrangements for Stage 3.

Stage 3

A CILEX Quality Panel visits the Training Provider. During the visit panellists meet staff and learners, observe premises and learning sessions (where possible) and assess how the training provider meets the accreditation standards. Depending on the size of the training provider and/or the complexity of the application, the visit may take one or two days.

NB: Please be aware that no feedback of any kind will be provided during the visit. 

Stage 4

The Quality Panel meets following the training provider visit to determine whether the training provider has demonstrated it meets all the accreditation standards. The panel’s decision is based on the evidence gathered during the visit and provided for the desk-based review. An accreditation report will be written outlining the panel’s findings, their decision and reasons, any conditions and/or recommendations and timescales for implementation.

Stage 5

The accreditation decision will be provided to the training provider in writing, along with a copy of the accreditation report, within 21 days.

Training providers will confirm they continue to meet the standards via an annual review process.

The following documents are available to be downloaded:-