Brochures & Resources

Brochures & Resources

Brochures & leaflets

For students/Prospective students:
CILEX brochures for students or prospective students

For employers and CILEX Centres:
CILEX brochures for employers or centres

For CILEX Branches:

  • Branches Toolkit - The Branches Toolkit has been designed to help your branch carry out its day to day activities.

Branch Toolkit Annex

Practice Rights Handbooks:

Practice Rights Application Form:

Work-based Learning Handbook:

Work-based Learning is the final stage of the Fellowship qualification.

Application forms

  • Click here for links to all application forms for members

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Order marketing materials

To request marketing materials, contact: Lisa Walker or post a request to Lisa Walker, Kempston Manor, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7AB.