Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Equality and Diversity

At CILEx we are passionate about equal treatment and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential – our members, our staff and our stakeholders. Read more about Equality and Diversity.

CILEx Benevolent Fund

We are proud to support our members throughout their legal lives and our Benevolent Fund is just another way of providing help, support and advice to our members when they need it most. Read more about the CILEx Benevolent Fund. 

CILEx Pro Bono

At CILEx we are committed to raising the awareness of Pro Bono legal services and increasing the support and engagement of it.  

Pro Bono work offers an array of benefits for employers, employees and society as a whole.  For example, Paralegals are able to actively support and help the local community by utilising their knowledge and in return they are able to develop their skills and network whilst meeting CPD requirements and enhancing their CV. 

We actively encourage all CILEx professionals and other legal professionals to participate with Pro Bono legal services where possible and to facilitate this we have developed the CILEx Pro Bono Trust (CILEx PBT), Pro Bono Schemes and the Annual CILEx Pro Bono Award. 

  • CILEx Pro Bono Trust (CILEx PBT) -An independent charity, the CILEx PBT works in partnership with other facilitators and providers of Pro Bono Legal Services in order to raise awareness and support.
  • Pro Bono Schemes - As an employer you can, and should, encourage your team members to get involved and participate with Pro Bono work through a Pro Bono Scheme.  The JIB Scheme (Joint ILEX Pro Bono Forum and Bar Pro Bono Unit Scheme) is open to any Fellow or Graduate CILEx member, allowing them to work with the Bar Pro Bono Unit barrister in Pro Bono cases.  Read more about the JIB Scheme or email