Invest your team with the power of knowledge

Getting the best from your team, requires investing in their development and support throughout their career.

At CILEx, we understand the importance of this so are committed to supporting our members at every stage of their career, an aim we share with employers. By providing CILEx membership to your team, your employees benefit from access to a varied range of training materials, CPD and self-development tools so you as an employer benefit equally from skilled, motivated and productive team members.

Access to myCareer - Personalised training and support

As each individual has their own unique career aspirations, levels of experience and development paths, our membership is designed to provide tailored support to match professional development.

Once a CILEx member, all employees, receive access to myCareer through their existing private online portal called myCILEx, whether they are students, apprentices, Associate paralegals, Graduate senior paralegals or Chartered Legal Executives.

myCareer gives your employees access to a vast array of articles, videos, courses, assessments and employer advice to help them from early employment through to career development.  These inclusive training modules will help you to make the most out of your training budget.

myCareer is packed with content supporting three major areas of self-development and self-assessment that are important for both employees and employers – career progression; personal, business and IT skills and wellbeing.

1 Career progression

myCareer provides all the tools and support needed for  your team’s professional development:

  • Support materials from recruitment to building a rewarding career and progression within an organisation.
  • Personal career planners along with education and training to achieve accreditations and print certificates.
  • Mentorship program, either for mentoring or being mentored.
  • Access to career pathways and relevant CILEx application process guidance such as Work-based Learning or competence based Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • Your own company’s tailored CPD and assessment, may be monitored online through myCareer – contact us if this service would be of interest

2 Personal, Business and IT skills

Over a 150 Business and IT skills through myCareer, delivered in conjunction with the Ashridge Business School resources and e-learning hub.

  • Business skills and IT skills such as finance, leadership and management skills, customer service, productivity tools, report writing and presentations, Microsoft and social media.
  • Assessments, advice, courses and resources for soft skills such as attitude, motivation and emotional intelligence.

3 Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing helps motivation, productivity, retention and loyalty and through myCareer your employees can access:

  • Assessments and insights into personality types and how each of these makes the best contribution to an organisation.
  • Support materials offering help to employees including stress management and personal resilience.

Personalised dashboard and activity reports

As our membership is diverse and not everyone has the same career aspirations, levels of experience and training opportunities, we offer access to a personalised dashboard which prioritises and tailors what resources supports the employee and their employer best.

This is particularly beneficial around staff appraisal time when learning and development needs are identified. You may agree priorities for development such as leadership and management skills to move into a more senior position or managing time more efficiently using our ‘Being more productive’ toolset and these can all be accessed via myCareer.

Activity reports can be downloaded showing the progress of each employee and giving you confidence that your employee is working towards the agreed goals and milestones that you have set.


Personalised dashboard that may be customised by the member according to current interests and priorities

The very latest news and information

The information provided through myCareer is dynamic, changing daily and bringing up-to-the-minute industry and education reports through the newsroom.

See for yourself

Access to news and expert resources to build skills and competencies not only helps our members work smarter, but improved personal insight also supports personal development thus creating well-rounded and motivated staff members. Members that you can take pride in employing and developing into your next head of department, specialist or partner.

If you would like to see a demonstration of myCareer, please get in touch via our enquiry form and we will be happy to arrange this for you.