CILEX : Regulation of your Legal Firm

CILEX: Regulation of your Legal Firm 

In order to make your legal firm a regulated legal entity, you must first choose an Approved Regulator.

As an Approved Regulator under the Legal Services Act 2007, CILEX is authorised to regulate all legal firms with an requirement for entity regulation. CILEX Regulation has been established by CILEX to be the independent regulatory body responsible for regulating the professional conduct of CILEX members, CILEX Practitioners and entities. It can authorise Chartered Legal Executives (with practice rights) and Conveyancing and Probate Practitioners, as well as other Authorised Persons, to provide legal services through entities, even if such individuals are personally regulated by a different regulator.

How Do I Apply to Regulate my Law Firm?

As part of the application process, company information and documentation will need to provided. Our application form takes you through the process.

In keeping with the high standards you expect from CILEX, we will appoint a trained and qualified relationship officer to act as your dedicated point of contact who can guide you through the process where needed. Help is at hand to complete the application forms and collate supporting documentation whenever you need professional support and advice to help you comply and set the right standards for your business.

The diagram below illustrates the general application process and you can view the Entity Authorisation Stage-by-Stage Guide which walks you through a typical application process and explains the necessary application forms and documents.

CILEX Entity Regulation

Demonstrating the skills and knowledge for accounts and financial management is a critical part of running a business and becoming a regulated firm. You may have the necessary experience and qualifications to support your application. If there are gaps, you could benefit from a course delivered by the Institute of Legal Finance and Management (ILFM). This course has been mapped against the CILEX Regulation level 1 accounts requirements, which you must meet to be a manager in an entity regulated by CILEX Regulation.

The Institute of Legal Finance & ManagementThe course consists of 14 concise units which can be taken individually, or as a whole. Visit the ILFM webpage for more information if you wish develop accounts and financial management skills and competence.