CRM Frequently Asked Questions


The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) is launching an advanced customer relationship management (CRM) system. The way in which you engage with CILEX, CILEX Law School and CILEX Regulation will change as a result.

How do I register for the new myCILEX portal?

It’s really important that you click on the unique link we emailed you on 29 August. Using this link will make sure all your information is brought into our new system and your account is ready to use. Please don’t try to log in until you’ve registered using the unique link. Please don’t forward the link to anyone because it is unique to you with your personal information.

When you click on the link, you’ll be asked to change your username and password. As it’s a new system, your old myCILEX username and password won’t work. See how to do it on our video. From clicking on the link, you’ll have 60 minutes to complete registration before your session expires for security reasons.

Once you’ve registered and changed your username and password, your account will be ready to use. The next time you want to log in, you can go straight to myCILEX from our website.

I tried to reset my password but I haven’t received a reset link. What shall I do?

It might be that you’ve either tried to log in using your old myCILEX username and password, or you haven’t yet activated your account. The system won’t be able to send you a password reset link because your account isn’t set up.

Please use the link (which you received from us by email) to activate your account. Once you’ve done this, if you have any problems with your password, the reset function will work.

If you haven’t received your activation email, please get in touch.

I started to register on myCILEX but got locked out. What shall I do?

Once you’ve clicked your registration link you have 60 minutes to register. This is to keep your account secure. If the system locks you out, you’ll need to contact the Membership team to send you a new pre-registration link.  

What is the new Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)?

Built in Dynamics 365, the new CRM is a next generation platform which will allow CILEX to provide new and improved services to its contacts. Our aim is to offer greater flexibility and a much-improved user service functionality. It will also allow us to connect and integrate with other systems for joined-up data management.

The CRM will also feature a wide range of self-service functions which our contacts will be able to access directly, creating an enhanced customer experience. The new system will help us stay connected, streamline processes, and deliver a more interactive, dynamic user experience.

Will this change how CILEX communicates with me?

The new CRM is allowing us to streamline our engagement with our contacts across CILEX . It is also an opportunity for you to have a say about how you would like CILEX to communicate with you going forward.

As part of your registration process, you will be asked to select which types of communications you will receive from us. You will also be able to edit these selections by accessing your preference centre through any one of the portals.

To watch the video on how to register your new myCILEX portal, please click on the image below:

 How to register your new myCILEX portal thumbnail

myCILEX features

The upgraded myCILEX portal will allow CILEX Members to access their personal myCILEX account to view important information about their membership and carryout the functions such as those listed below:-

Update your contact details

To include your name, personal address, email, telephone, job title, work telephone and work email address, and will enable you to set your preferred means of contact.

Access your personalised account within the CILEX Professional Development Portal (myCareer)

A broad range of professional development, insights and training resources available on demand for all CILEX members.

Log and view/edit your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record.

For those members who are required to complete CPD during the year, the myCILEX portal will be the location where details of your completed CPD should be stored. We encourage members to log details close to the time of completing their CPD activity to make the process easier for you.

Make payments for your membership subscription

The myCILEX portal will enable you to submit payments for your annual membership subscription fee (payable on 1 January each year). CILEX will send you a subscription reminder notice and invoice in late October of each year.

Register for examinations

For members who are completing the CILEX qualifications, the myCILEX portal will enable you to submit your examination registration application and make relevant examination entry payments.

View examination results

On examination results day (dates published annually) any students who completed examinations in the preceding assessment window will receive notification of their examination result within their myCILEX account.

Set/confirm your mailing preferences

Members are able to set and update mailing preferences at any time, to ensure that the information they receive from CILEX is relevant and of interest.

View & pay CILEX invoices

The myCILEX portal may be used to make payments for any CILEX product or service that is available.

Complete CILEX Application forms

The myCILEX portal will enable you to complete and submit a range of online CILEX application forms. For example, membership registration, examination registration, exemption applications.

Submit your Prior Conduct Declaration

When you apply to become a CILEX Member you will be required to answer questions about your Prior Conduct. Existing CILEX members must declare any Prior Conduct at the time the Prior Conduct occurs. The myCILEX portal will enable members to submit a Declaration at any time.

View/administer your event bookings

CILEX hosts a number of membership events during the year. MyCILEX will be the focal point for all future event bookings and administration, helping you to keep track and ensure your place at future events.

Access branch information

The network of CILEX regional branches work with the Chartered Institute to help provide a local support network to CILEX members and stakeholders. Details of how to connect with your local branch and activities that may be of interest to you will be available in the myCILEX portal.