Flexible Framework

Each stage of the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) comprises three elements: core legal knowledge, practice and skills; ethics and professional responsibility; and professional experience. Together these elements provide a framework for developing the skills, knowledge, behaviours and experience necessary to practise effectively as a legal professional.

Trainees will be able to begin their CPQ journey at a point corresponding to their previous legal experience and qualifications – including taking into account any CILEX qualifications they may already hold. CPQ also allows trainees to pause and restart their training to flex around other commitments. 

Specialist training

CPQ enables trainees to focus on their area of career aspiration or their employers’ practice. Completion of all stages of CPQ will lead to practice rights in a specialist area of law.

Commercial insight

CPQ develops understanding of the commercial context in which legal decisions are taken and builds skills that will enable the application of the law in this context.

Ethics and professional responsibility

E-learning modules ensure that trainees are fully conscious of the codes of ethical behaviour inherent in practising law and are equipped with the tools to address and take professional ownership of business and ethical dilemmas. 

Professional experience

Underpinned by the CILEX competency framework, CPQ builds professional experience requirements into each stage, allowing trainees to demonstrate their competence at every stage in their career and preparing them to collect the evidence they will need to acquire their practice rights.

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