CILEX Advanced Paralegal

Becoming a CILEX Advanced Paralegal

CILEX Advanced Paralegals will be able to demonstrate technical knowledge and the practical application of law relating to key practice areas. They will also enhance their skills, including business awareness, and their understanding of, and adherence to, professional and regulatory standards by completing the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) Advanced stage, after having completed or been exempt from Foundation stage.

Trainees with a Law Degree or equivalent will enter CPQ at Advanced stage. 

Trainees undertake four mandatory modules:

Professional and Legal Skills

The aim of this module is to develop the essential professional and legal skills introduced at Foundation Stage, helping you to progress your legal career. You will develop your communication skills and have an awareness of your interpersonal skills allowing you to manage relationships with both internal and external clients. The module will also introduce you to aspects of commercial awareness, enabling you to influence the productivity of yourself and the team. In addition, you will consider the potential impact of technology on the legal sector.

This module covers:

• Working with internal and external clients
• Communicating with clients and personal impact
• Commercial considerations in legal practice
• Carrying out Legal research

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Dispute Resolution

The aim of this module is to give you the essential knowledge and understanding of how disputes are resolved through the litigation process or through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. You will cover all stages of a case, from first considerations in dispute resolution through to enforcement of judgments following a trial. You will consider alternative methods of dispute resolution, taking into account the client’s wishes, together with the steps that can be taken to protect the client’s cost position. You will gain an understanding of how costs underpin the litigation process and be able to conduct the case accordingly.

This module covers:

• The stages of a case
• Alternative methods of dispute resolution
• The trial process
• Acting for a client
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Criminal Law and Litigation

The aim of this module is to give you the essential knowledge and understanding of criminal law and its end-to-end process; how in practice a case commences; its progress through the Criminal Justice System to conclusion. By the end of this module, you will be able to advise a client on their plea whilst taking the necessary strategic steps to prepare their case and fully represent and act in their best interests.

This module covers:

• Key criminal offences and defences
• The stages of a case
• Preparing a case and representing a client
• Dealing with vulnerable clients and witnesses

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Property and Conveyancing

The aim of this module is to give you the essential knowledge and understanding of the underlying law relating to conveyancing and how the law relates to practice. There is a focus on the creation of third-party rights in registered and unregistered land and how these issues might affect a buyer of land. The module also covers the grant and assignment of a long residential lease and the conveyancing procedures involved in those transactions.

This module covers:

• Law underpinning conveyancing
• Third party rights in registered and unregistered land
• The grant and assignment of a long residential lease
• Conveyancing procedures
• Risks and issues in conveyancing

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In addition, trainees are required to select at least one optional module from:

Business and Employment Law

The overall aim of this module is to give you the essential knowledge and understanding of common business structures, including how they are formed and operate within relevant legal frameworks. You will have an awareness of associated internal procedures, liability issues for owners and managers and how such businesses may come to an end through insolvency. In addition, you will understand key issues on employer/employee relationships and taxation, including of profits and capital gains arising in the business (building on the knowledge of business accounts from the Advanced stage Skills module).

This module covers:

• Running a business and internal procedures
• Insolvency
• Taxation
• Employment Law
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Family Law and Practice

The aim of this module is to give you the essential knowledge and understanding of law and procedure to equip you to deal with family law cases. The module covers a range of current family law topics that you would encounter in practice, incorporating the formation of adult relationships, matters relating to children, and the breakdown of adult relationships. On completion of the module, you will have the skills to draft basic court documentation, whilst acquiring the knowledge and extended foundations of family law and procedure.

This module covers:

• Family Law
• Adult relationships
• Matters relating to children
• Procedures and working with clients

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Wills, Probate and Private Client

The aim of this module is to give you the essential knowledge and understanding of the law relating to trusts together with the law and procedure relating to the drafting and construction of Wills and Intestacy. On completion of the module, you will be able to draft a basic Will and codicil. Throughout, you must be able to recognise risks and consider appropriate steps to mitigate them.

This module covers:

• Law relating to trusts
• Drafting wills
• Intestacy
• Risks

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Trainees on the CPQ Advanced stage are also required to evidence their competence via the Professional Experience portfolio and to complete the second of the Ethics and Professional Responsibility e-learning modules. (Trainees entering directly at this stage will also be required to complete Ethics and Professional Responsibility part 1.).

Trainees who complete this level of qualification will become CILEX Advanced Paralegals.

Registration fees include:


You will have the chance to sit one assessment for each module as part of your registration fee. Resits will be charged separately. Find out more about CPQ assessments here.

Learning materials

You will be given access to an online bookshelf that contains an e-book to accompany every module that you will be studying at each stage. Embedded in these e-books, and also available as an accompanying Study Resource Pack, will be interactive elements to enhance your learning experience and increase your chances of success.

Ethics and Professional Responsibility e-learning

At Advanced stage, you will be expected to complete the second of the e-learning Ethics and Professional Responsibility modules. Find out more about this important feature of CPQ here. (Note that if you join CPQ directly at Advanced stage, you will also need to complete the first e-learning module.).

Online Professional Experience Portfolio

At every stage of CPQ, you will be expected to demonstrate that you are competent against the criteria of the competency framework relevant to your job role and CPQ stage. This will be done via an online portfolio and your experience will need to be validated by your employer. For more information on the Professional Experience element of CPQ, see here.


Financial support is available for eligible candidates through CILEX Lawyer Scholarships funded by the CILEX Foundation.

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