Vision Statement

Vision Statement

CILEx believes in progress through knowledge, and that is our motto as featured on our logo crest.

We say that it is unthinkable for anyone to undertake legal work for individuals and businesses without relevant education, training, qualification and regulation

Our task is to secure sufficient lawyers and other qualified advisers and support staff to ensure that every individual and every business has access to excellent legal services

CILEx’s long term strategy is:

  • To ensure that our professional qualification remains relevant to the needs of law firms, legal departments, employers and clients, and that it is delivered to national quality standards
  • To develop our role as the natural home for all those seeking education, training or qualification relevant to their role in the legal environment
  • To make ourselves ever more relevant to our members through the services we provide and by seeking new professional opportunities for our members
  • To develop our role in the public interest as an efficient and respected professional association and regulator of legal services
  • To further enhance our focus on customer service.