Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Royal Charter and Bye-Laws

On 30 January 2012, the Institute of Legal Executives ceased to be a company limited by guarantee. We became ‘The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives’, incorporated by a Royal Charter and governed by a set of Bye-Laws which outline our internal organisation, constitution and conduct. Further amendments to our Charter and Bye-Laws were approved by the Privy Council in November 2018. The latest version can be viewed here.

Having a Royal Charter means that important changes to our constitution must be ratified by the Privy Council, even after they have been approved by a majority of Fellows voting at a General Meeting. This provides an additional layer of scrutiny, which is there for the interests of the public and our members.

New Charters are normally reserved for bodies that work in the public interest (such as professional institutions and charities) and which demonstrate pre-eminence, stability and permanence in their particular field. We are very proud to have achieved such recognition.

As well as the Charter and Bye-Laws, all individuals registered with CILEx are also bound by the provisions of the Membership Requirement Regulations, whatever their membership grade.  The current version of those regulations may be seen here.

Our company number is: RC000850.