The CILEx Council

The CILEx Council

CILEx is governed by elected representatives, the Council of CILEx. Council members are responsible for ensuring that the affairs of the Institute are conducted diligently, legally and honestly.

Council makes all the strategic and policy decisions of CILEx as a professional association, which are implemented at an operational level by the Chief Executive and her team of officers and staff.

Council members are drawn from and represent the five constituencies in England and Wales. Additional members may be appointed to the Council as Specialist or Co-opted members to represent particular areas of legal practice or special knowledge.

The Royal Charter and Bye-Laws of the Institute regulate in general terms the powers and obligations of the Council, including membership criteria and its number. Further amendments to our Charter and Bye-Laws were approved by the Privy Council in October 2015.


Council members are directors of the company, and must exercise the fiduciary duties expected of any director of a company. Like ordinary directors, they are required to retire on a rotational basis every three years. However, members may offer themselves for re-election or re-appointment.

Constituency Council Members

There are five Constituency areas. Most have two Council representatives, depending on the size of the membership within those areas.


Council meets five times a year. Meetings are usually held at CILEx headquarters in Kempston Bedford. Council members also attend the Annual General Meeting, the Graduation Ceremony and the annual Strategy day. Council members may also be called on to attend meetings with CILEx members, members of other organisations or bodies connected with the Institute. Council members may be invited to serve on committees and working parties.

Join CILEx Council - Help shape the future

All Fellows of the Institute are eligible to join Council. To be eligible for appointment, they must have paid their annual subscriptions and any other fees owed to the Institute. If you believe that you could help shape the future of CILEx and are interested in joining CILEx Council, you can learn more by simply clicking here.