Top Tips for organising a Justice event

Top Tips for organising a Justice related event

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Collaborate - take advantage of existing networks and communities

  • Get in touch with other lawyers and projects in your local area. Draw on the support of your local Law Societies, CILEx branches and local legal support trusts. These groups can often help you publicise events and might even be able to help you organise events, or at least suggest ideas for speakers.
  • A special event - during Justice Week or maybe during Global Pro Bono Week (which takes place the week before) or at anytime to suit - might be just the occasion for a new partnership which develops and extends access to justice and pro bono work in your local area.

Don't reinvent the wheel

  • If you want to do something around pro bono activity, The National Pro Bono Centre website ( has ideas and resources from previous National Pro Bono Week events. These resources are still there for your use.
  • Additionally, we can help you with ideas for events, publicity, and use of the Justice Week logo for events taking place at that time. 

Context is key - make it local

  • Justice Week has themes and aims, but within each of them is room for all kinds of events and activities. We know that there is a huge diversity of projects and programmes going on across England & Wales, and what works well in Carlisle might not be the right fit for Bournemouth.
  • Please take what you can from our ideas and add your own local twist.

Have a communications plan

  • Your event is unlikely to achieve its purpose if no one knows about it or hears about it. Develop a communications plan with clear goals and intended audiences. Write letters to your local paper, send out a press release, send an invite to your local journalists. Who knows - you might attract a new supporter for justice and the rule of law (perhaps even a pro bono lawyer) in the process.