CILEx Consultations

CILEx responds to consultations in the public interest and on behalf of its members. CILEx members with experience and knowledge are invited to submit views for consideration in CILEx's submissions.

In certain circumstances some consultations may not appear on this page, as CILEx may engage directly with our Specialist Reference Groups

If you know of any other current consultation papers affecting your area of practice, which you think raise important issues for CILEx members, please contact our Policy and Governance Team at  

Open consultations

Here is where members can keep up to date on active consultations, and contribute your own views.

Deadline: Ongoing

As part of an on-going review, CILEx’s is considering the impact of the Government’s legal aid changes, and are asking members to provide evidence from their experience that demonstrates the impact of the cuts.

Consultation responses

You can access CILEx's responses to previous consultations (dating back to 2008) here.

Past Consultations

You can access an archive of consultations that CILEx has responded to (dating back to 2008) here.