CILEX Invigilators

CILEX Invigilators

As our next exam session is fast approaching, we are looking to expand our existing team of invigilators to be the friendly face of our exams at our regional external centres.

What is an Exam Invigilator?

An Exam Invigilator is responsible for maintaining conduct in an examination according to the publicised exam regulations.  We currently have Senior Invigilators and Assistant Invigilators.

Senior Invigilator

As Senior Invigilator you will have overall responsibility for the integrity of invigilation services provided at the venue.  You are not under any obligation to provide these services personally.  As the Senior Invigilator, you would be the main point of contact for CILEX at the venue.

Assistant Invigilator

As Assistant Invigilator, in conjunction with the Senior Invigilator, you will share responsibility for the integrity of invigilation services provided.

What are the main responsibilities?

  • To ensure that the candidates remain under supervision at all times.
  • To ensure that the candidates have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.
  • Ensure the security of the examination question papers and the candidates answer booklets, before, during and after the exam.

What are the general tasks?

  • Setting up the exam room.
  • Booking in the candidates, checking their I.D. and directing them to their seats.
  • Accompany candidates to the toilet facilities.
  • Pre exam announcements, including making the candidates aware of the exam timings.
  • Starting and finishing the exam in a timely manner.

Plus many more….

Please fill in the Invigilation application form to register your interest, making sure you let us know which centre is best for you and whether you are interested in the Senior or the Assistant role.  Please send to