CILEx Judicial Development Programme

CILEx Judicial Awareness Day

CILEx is hosting a judicial awareness day for members interested in pursuing a career within the judiciary.

Date: Friday, 16 February 2018
Time: Registration at 9.30am – Workshops 9.45am – 4.30pm
Venue: St Philips Chambers, 41 Park Square, Leeds, LS1 2NP  

Tickets: £90 per member.

This event shall comprise three separate training workshops including:

Workshop 1 – Delivered by The Judicial Appointments Commission and will cover the JAC’s role in judicial appointment and the selection process.

Workshop 2 - Delivered by Stephen Gowland, Chair of Police Misconduct Panel.

Workshop 3 – “Judicial Taster Course” uncover how to think like a Judge and identify whether you have what it takes delivered by HHJ Mark Horton.

Workshop 4 – “Judging Your Future” how to get started with the application delivered by Manjula Bray.

The day will include a luncheon providing a perfect opportunity to ask questions to CILEx personnel, Judicial mentors, trainers and the professional organisations involved in judicial appointment.

Workshop 1: JAC Workshop

This workshop would be suitable for all members wishing to learn more about the selection process for judicial appointment. The JAC is an independent body that selects candidates for judicial office in courts and tribunals in England and Wales, and for some tribunals with UK-wide jurisdiction. 

Candidates are selected on merit, through fair and open competition. 

The JAC is committed to attracting applicants from as wide a field as possible and works closely with a range of organisations to promote vacancies to eligible candidates. 

The JAC support the CILEx Judicial Development Programme and are keen to see an increase in the numbers of CILEx members applying for judicial appointment.

Workshop 2: Application and Judicial Experiences - Delivered by Stephen Gowland, Chair of Police Misconduct Panel

Stephen will be sharing his experiences on the Judicial Appointments applications process and his time as Chair of the Police Misconduct Panel.  A Q&A session will be included.

Workshop 3: Judicial Taster Course

This workshop would be suitable for those members wishing to uncover how to think like a Judge and identify whether they have what it takes. This training workshop shall be led by HHJ Mark Horton, resident Judge at Bristol Crown Court. For eight years HHJ Horton has run his “Judicial Taster Course” for anyone interested in understanding the practicality and thought processes involved in the Judicial process. Attending this workshop will allow you to identify whether you have the type of thought processes that are involved in a Judicial role, enabling you to recognise whether you have those skills and taking your first step to a Judicial career.  

Workshop 4: Judging Your Future – How to get started with the application

This workshop would be suitable for members preparing to apply for judicial appointment imminently and shall be led by Manjula Bray who has gained significant recent experience as an independent assessor with the National Assembly for Wales (public appointments) and the JAC. Focusing on the evidence-based competency selection method, you will be provided with an understanding of the application process and the competency-based framework used by the JAC.

Attendees who wish to take part in the CILEx Judicial Development Programme and progress with their application for a specific judicial role will also be given the opportunity of further support led by Manjula Bray to develop the key skills needed to succeed in the selection process (telephone/face-to-face interviewing skills and role play). These individuals will need to demonstrate their eligibility and commitment to the process as places will be limited. Information shall be provided within all delegate packs regarding application to take part in the CILEx Judicial Development Programme.  

Early preparation for judicial appointments is key and it is recommended that CILEx members considering the judiciary as a possible career path take up this opportunity. 

To confirm your attendance and purchase your ticket please complete the form below and then click on the payment button (refund requests must be put in writing and will be considered on an individual basis.)


Event venue address:

St Philips Chambers
41 Park Square

For any further information please email or call 01234 845777.