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Directory - Search Results

The results of a search are displayed in a table format in the lower section of the screen. Results are presented in pages, with a page listing no more than 10 (ten) entries. For results with more entries page navigation is provided as described below.

The sequence of entries presented depend on the use of search criteria, see Specifying Search Criteria.

Each entry in the results table displays summary information for the associated Chartered Legal Executive or CILEx Practitioner, including the individuals Surname,  Date of Authorisation, and where available their Employer, Location, Specialism and Practising Rights data . Should a "Disciplinary case" be recorded against the Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer or CILEx Practitioner and where the decision has not expired, the directory may present a web link to the relevant CILEx Regulation Disciplinary case note.

"Date Authorised" refers to the date the member was granted the status of Chartered Legal Executive or Practise Right.

Where Employer or Location appears "blank" this information has not been provided, or has been withheld, by the Chartered Legal Executive lawyer or CILEx Practitioner.

The full Directory entry for the Chartered Legal Executive or CILEx Practitioner is displayed by clicking the "[+]" ("expand") button to the left of the surname. Once expanded, the entry can be reduced to the summary format by clicking the "[ - ]" ("collapse") button.

The total number of Directory entries matching the search criteria is displayed at the bottom right handside of the results list eg “Displaying page 1 of 706, items 1 to 10 of 7059”

To navigate through the pages of results

Click on either “<|” or “|>” to move to the next or previous page (ie skip to next/prev 10 results).

Click on “” to jump to the next or previous group of results pages (ie skip 100 results)

If no entries match the search criteria the results list will display the message "No records to display, check the search criteria or try a new search". This might be caused by spelling errors, by alternative spelling, or the search criteria being too narrow. For the latter try removing some of the search criteria to broaden the search.

The CLEAR button can be used at any time to reset the search criteria. This removes any search text, resets the Radio Buttons, Specialisation, Practise Rights and Surname A-Z to the default setting.

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