Proofreading Tests

In order for a learner to achieve the full qualification, a proofreading test needs to be passed; these are held three times a year in November, February and May with a resit available in July.  To ensure the learner sits the proofreading test at the most appropriate time for them, they will need to discuss their needs with their tutor.  Once the learner has agreed the date for their test, their tutor will register them with City & Guilds one month in advance of this date eg for a test on 3 November, a learner will need to be registered by 30 September.  The next available date will be 7 November 2013.

The proofreading test for the Level 3 Certificate/Diploma for Legal Secretaries qualification is usually in the format of a passage.  The learner has one hour to find, circle and correct the thirty errors which comprise spelling, punctuation, consistency, grammar and presentation.

To practise, download the attached past proofreading tests.

Their respective marking schemes are below.

Examiners' Reports can be accessed below.