Regulation of Chartered Legal Executives

CILEx Regulation regulates members of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).  It oversees the education, qualification and practice standards of Chartered Legal Executive lawyers and other CILEx members and ensures they maintain proper standards of professional and personal conduct. CILEx Regulation embodies the principle that legal professional bodies like CILEx should separate their regulatory and leadership functions so that clients and the public can have confidence in their legal advisors.

CILEx Regulation works with CILEx to ensure CILEx qualifications are at the right level and are appropriate to the work CILEx members carry out.  CILEx Regulation also aims to ensure members are fully aware of their obligations to clients, colleagues, the courts and the public.  When necessary, CILEx Regulation deals with complaints against CILEx members.

CILEx Regulation has an independent board of directors. 4 members of the Board are non-lawyers with no connection to the legal profession and 3 are professional members who are Legal Executives. The chair of the board is an independent member, Alan Kershaw.

The CILEx Regulation website includes the Code of Conduct and Guides to Good Practice, which CILEx members are required to follow, and information about how CILEx Regulation deals with complaints.  You can also check whether an CILEx member has had an order made against them for misconduct.

You can find out more about CILEx Regulation here.

CILEx members can find information relevant to them here.

Consumers can find out about what CILEx members can do and how to complain if things go wrong here.

Employers of CILEx members can find relevant information here.

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Visit the CILEx Regulation website for more information

Code of Conduct

Quick link to the Code of Conduct on the CILEx Regulation website