Associates CPD Guide

2016/17 CPD Requirements

You must

  • Undertake a minimum of 8 hours CPD, with at least 4 hours related to your specialism.
  • Undertake an activity in professionalism.
  • Log your CPD onto myCILEx by 30 September 2017. 

Hours-based CPD

  • Reading CILEx Journal articles and CILEx Law School Updates; attending lectures/seminars, webinars, courses; participating in podcasts, mentoring/coaching; and in-house training can all count towards your hours-based CPD requirement.

Professionalism CPD

  • Your professionalism CPD should be an activity that maintains or develops your professional knowledge or skills.
  • It can be logged as an ‘entry’ on myCILEx when the new system goes live.
  • You will need to retain evidence that you have been through the CPD cycle and that you have undertaken the activity for your professionalism entry in case your record is called for sampling.


These will need to be requested by contacting CILEx Regulation, on the basis that you;

  • Have been absent from employment for at least 6 months of the CPD year; and
  • Can supply evidence to support your request


  • If you cannot submit your CPD by the 30 September deadline you will need to contact CILEx Regulation, requesting an extension of time to complete your CPD. This request must be received in writing by 31 August.

If you have any queries regarding your CPD requirements email