15 February 2013

CILEx ‘astounded’ at Aviva’s ‘lawyers not needed’ claim

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) is astounded that major insurance company Aviva would suggest people caught up in in often difficult insurance claims don’t need a lawyer.

Aviva’s assertions form part of a report, being sent to the Ministry of Justice, that suggest £1.5 billion could be saved from motor insurance premiums if claimants went directly to the ‘at-fault’ insurer, rather than seeking independent legal advice.

Chief Executive at CILEx, Diane Burleigh OBE, said: “After checking it wasn’t April Fool’s day I was astounded at Aviva’s claims. Inadvertent or not, this attempt to persuade Government to legislate to prevent people seeking and obtaining legal advice must be an interference with  the rule of law.

“Insurers are not independent parties and will deal with their claims in a way that saves them money. The public has little faith in the financial, insurance and other business sectors after recent scandals . Having a legal representative act on behalf of the motorists ensures any claim is dealt with independently, and  helps to restore confidence.

CILEx welcomes moves that would reduce insurance premiums but this should not be at the expense of injured persons.  Mrs Burleigh added, “Dealing with fraudulent claims and irresponsible insurers must be the priority here, and CILEX supports action to do so. Removing access to independent legal advice, leaving those involved in difficult insurance claims without support or legal guidance and at the mercy of self interested companies is absurd.”