About CILEx members


CILEx membership and qualification


CILEx is a membership organisation that provides a training and qualification scheme.  A person wishing to train in the law will register with CILEx and commence the Level 3 qualification programme and thereafter move onto the Level 6 qualification.  You can find full details of the CILEx qualification structure here.


CILEx members also require at least 5 years qualifying employment to complete their qualification programme.  Upon completion they become a Chartered Legal Executive.  Details of the grades of CILEx membership through which members may progress on their route to becoming a Chartered Legal Executive can be found here.  It is a breach of the Code of Conduct for CILEx members for a member of CILEx to refer to themselves as a Chartered Legal Executive before they have qualified.


CILEx maintains a register of members who have qualified as Chartered Legal Executives.  The register can be found here.  


Powers and duties


Membership of CILEx carries rights and privileges.  It also grants some practice rights to members. 


A member who has qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive may administer oaths.  They may also exercise additional advocacy rights upon qualification as Chartered Legal Executive Advocates.  You can find out more about these practice rights here.


Most members of CILEx work in legal practices and are able to undertake most areas of work if they work under the supervision of an authorised person, regardless of the grade of membership they hold, if they are competent to do so.  CILEx members tend to specialise in one area of law.


A member who does not work under the supervision of an authorised person may not undertake a ‘reserved legal activity'.  Reserved legal activities include conveyancing, making applications for grants of probate or letters of administration, conducting litigation and exercising advocacy rights. 


Further information about what work a member of CILEx is able to undertake can be found here.


Code of Conduct


All members of CILEx are required to comply with all of CILEx's rules and bye laws and to uphold the standards set out in the Code of Conduct for CILEx Members which can be found here.  The Code sets out 9 principles that members must observe.


The 9 principles are that members must:


1.       Uphold the rule of law and the impartial administration of justice

2.       Maintain high standards of professional and personal conduct

3.       Behave with honesty and integrity

4.       Comply with the CILEx and IPS rules and bye-laws

5.       Act in the best interests of your client

6.       Treat everyone equally and fairly

7.       Ensure your independence is not compromised

8.       Respect confidentiality and trust

9.       Act within your competence