Our service standards


Everyone contacting or dealing with IPS is entitled to expect an acceptable level of service.  This includes complainants, CILEx members, stakeholders and other legal professionals.  IPS will aim to deal with correspondence and queries in a timely fashion.


IPS has developed key performance indicators (KPI) which set out the standards against which it will perform.  The KPI cover standards expected of IPS, its Board of Directors and specifically in relation to complaints handling.  The KPI in relation to the Board and IPS incorporate good governance arrangements.  The KPI for complaints handling set out specific standards and timescales to which IPS will aim to perform.  The IPS Board and staff keep performance under regular review against these KPI.  The monitoring arrangements provide an opportunity to identify and improve performance at an early stage.


The KPI can be found here.


IPS has also developed customer service standards which set out the levels of service IPS staff are expected to apply when communicating and corresponding with members, complainants, stakeholders and members of the public.  These standards can be found here.  IPS has a procedure for dealing with complaints about its service.