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About IPS


IPS was set up in 2008.  It is part of the CILEx Group but has its own Board of Directors to ensure its independence.  The board comprises four independent members, who are not lawyers, and three professional members who are Chartered Legal Executives.  It is led by Alan Kershaw, one of the independent members.  The officer heading IPS is Ian Watson.


IPS is responsible for all regulatory matters affecting CILEx and CILEx members.  Its aim is to define, promote and secure, in the public interest, proper standards of professional conduct and behaviour among CILEx members.  In formal terms, the objects of IPS are:

  • To carry out on behalf of CILEx the functions and responsibilities of CILEx as an Approved Regulator designated as such by the Legal Services Act 2007; and
  • To carry out on behalf of CILEx such functions and responsibilities of CILEx as regulator of its membership generally as CILEx may from time to time delegate to the company.

IPS sees a major part of its role as ensuring the public and CILEx members know what standards of education and conduct are expected of them.  We aim to help good practitioners stay good and improve throughout their careers and to ensure the public know the quality of work Chartered Legal Executives can provide.  We are also ready, when a question arises about the fitness to practise of a CILEx member, to deal firmly, fairly and promptly with the matter.


The Legal Services Act 2007 is redefining the legal services landscape.  CILEx is an Approved Regulator under the Act but must separate its representative and regulatory activities to ensure that it and its members meet the Act's objectives and comply with its stated professional principles.  You can read the statutory objectives and the professional principles here.


The protocols governing the working relationship between CILEx and IPS can be found here


Information about the strategy of IPS can be found on the Governance page.