CILEx Accredited Centres

Welcome to our website page dedicated to all our accredited centres and those centres interested in becoming accredited. 

CILEx accredited centres play an important role in helping CILEx learners achieve their developmental and career aims through the delivery of CILEx programmes of learning. Becoming a CILEx accredited centre is open to any learning provider that meets the CILEx Accredited Centre Requirements and offers one or more of the CILEx qualifications. 

As an awarding organisation, CILEx must comply with Ofqual’s General Conditions of Recognition.  It is essential that accredited centres understand their responsibilities and take all reasonable steps to ensure that CILEx is able to comply with the Ofqual General Conditions of Recognition. 

We hope that you find the following information for accredited centres helpful but should you require assistance regarding the CILEx centre accreditation process, please contact Jonathan Young, CILEx Centre Accreditation Co-ordinator at 

Information for Accredited Centres

To be assured that CILEx accredited centres continue to meet the CILEx Accredited Centre Requirements, CILEx requires its centres to comply with the CILEx procedures for maintaining accreditation as detailed in the CILEx Accredited Centre Handbook. 

The process for maintaining your centre's accreditation is set out in the Accredited Centre Handbook which now includes the requirements for those centres wishing to apply to become accredited to deliver the CILEx competence qualifications.

Documents available to be downloaded:

Accredited centres and centres interested in becoming accredited, will find the ‘For Centres’ and ‘Study’ pages of the CILEx website useful as they contain a wealth of information about the CILEx qualifications, the policy and procedures that govern them and latest developments. 

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