The Brief

The Brief is the section of the Journal that focuses on the practical information CILEx members need in their day-to-day working lives, from careers advice to fashion tips, from networking skills to writing skills, from the hottest technology to the latest legislation and cases.

  • Student Zone - Strict Liability
    Examination focus: Mel Megett considers the actus reus of theft as part of a series of articles for Level 3 CILEx students

  • Going in alone
    Mark Morris, careers practitioner at CILEx, considers how the practice rights are opening up new career avenues to our members particularly for those wanting to run their own firm

  • International child abduction
    Pam Sanghera outlines access to support and specialist advice for parents when children have been abducted and taken abroad

  • Social convenience or rough justice?
    Jacqui de Silva considers recent case decisions about the concept of vicarious liability


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