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Welcome to the CILEx Journal's website. In order to help you access articles and features that have appeared within the Journal past and present, we have made some significant improvements. You can now search through over five years worth of amazing Journal Archive content providing a great resource for CILEx members.

We hope you find the new site easy to navigate but if you do have any questions or concerns please get in touch using the contact details listed here.  

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  • A paralegal life
    A paralegal life
    CILEx has launched an Enquiry into paralegals, who they are, how many there are, what do they do and how they fit into the legal services market....
  • Work-based learning
    Work-based learning
    Mark Morris DipCG, CILEx career guidance practitioner on work-based learning and the Returners to Work scheme
  • Is Sir Tim on the right track?
    Is Sir Tim on the right track?
    Vanessa Barnett and Malcolm Dowden, of Charles Russell LLP, on plans for a digital Bill of Rights
  • A point of differentiation
    A point of differentiation
    Andrew East provides a regular update on this month's developments in probate
  • Interesting times
    Interesting times
    Stephen Gowland shares the highlights as CILEx's 50th National President
  • Interesting times
    Interesting times
    Frances Edwards on a busy year ahead, fighting legal aid cuts and the Magna Carta anniversary celebrations
  • The start line
    The start line
    As the class of 2015 contemplates their first term, Polly Botsford went in search of current and past students to find out what they should expect
  • End to the numbers game
    End to the numbers game
    Grania Langdon Down considers a new approach to continuing professional development and what it means for CILEx members and the training industry
  • Tackling high-priority risks
    Tackling high-priority risks
    In this month's regulation focus, Tracey Calvert looks at the topic of risk management

Latest News
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Grade A parity approved for Chartered Legal Executives
18 August 2014 Grade A parity approved for Chartered Legal Executives The Master of the Rolls, Lord Dyson has approved a change to the Guideline Hourly Rates (GHRs)...
New council members
18 August 2014 New council members Introducing two further new Council Members, Michael Bowen and Philip Sherwood.

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