Pro Bono

If you are seeking pro bono assistance, CILEx has put together a list of pro bono charities where you may be able to find help.

What is Pro Bono?

The term 'pro bono' comes from the Latin phase 'pro bono publico' which simply translated means 'for the public good'.

Pro bono work is legal work lawyers undertake without receiving payment. It can take the form of giving advice at drop in clinics, helping a charity with a piece of legal work or agreeing to represent someone in court. There are many other areas and types of work where lawyers can help and there are also projects where students can help too such as working in schools to introduce pupils to the legal system.people smiling

Doing pro bono work offers lawyers and students alike many different benefits. Besides giving you the opportunity to give something back to your community, you can also develop your legal skills and knowledge in your area of work, get involved in new areas of work, participate in multi-disciplinary projects and even travel abroad to work on international projects.

A Pro Bono Protocol has been developed to quality mark pro bono work and ensure lawyers give an equal level of care, attention and priority to pro bono work as would apply to paid work.

What about Legal Aid?

Pro bono work is not a replacement for a properly funded legal aid system. CILEx and the CILEx Pro Bono Trust firmly believe that government has a responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to good quality legal advice and representation even if they cannot afford to pay for it. Nevertheless there will always be some gaps and many community and charitable organisations have limited resources which would be better applied to their real aims rather than spent on legal fees. Pro bono aims to fill those gaps while continuing to campaign for a better legal aid system.